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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  February 16, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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word at follow us on facebook and follow me on twitter. that's tonight's last word. "rachel maddow show" is up next, including her interview with former wisconsin senator rust fine gold. good evening, rachel. >> good evening. we are happy to have rust with us tonight. thanks for sticking with us for this hour. if you are not a regular consumer of regular media in this country, if you aren't watching the fox news channel, listening to right wing talk radio or reading right wing blogs all day, we are in a moment in american politics in which there are things happening, things being proposed and enacted by elected officials that may seem out of the blue to you, may seem like they don't bear any relationship to the actual news in our country, the actual challenges that we actually face. nevertheless, these things are being acted on with great urgency by conservative politicians. for example, the state of oklahoma voting to ban sharia law. actually, 13 states moving to
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ban sharia law. is there any threat of sharia law taking over an american state? no not in any sense of a fact. it is the same dynamic we saw with death panels in health reform, right? if you consume fact based information about health reform, you would know the death panels turned into something about having a living will. nothing to do with some board of bureau krats deciding you should die. not only believed in death panels, but believed that death panels were the main defining thrust of what healthcare reform was. this is conceptually important in our country in 2011. if you do not like watching conservative media, you nevertheless have to understand what it is they're doing over there in order to understand what republicans are doing in politics. it is like the secret decoder
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ring that makes otherwise totally non sequitur statements and political actions make some sense. at least make us understand what sense we think they're making. to that end, we have a slight revision to make. it is not a correction, it is a revision to our lead story on yesterday's show. it finally occurred to us today that we had not applied right wing media decoder technology to what's going on with the speaker of the house, john boehner, in trying to understand his latest big political mistake. as you know, john boehner is not having an easy time as speaker. republicans are having a hard time getting even basic legislating done, having a hard time doing basic things that need to be done to run the house, having a hard time picking a message, sticking with it, getting members to act as a unit, instead of like a bunch of six-year-olds playing soccer. three teams, two goals. you decide. even with the hard time they're having, what john boehner did this week is so bad politically,
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so contrary to what his party says it wants to be doing that it has to have some explanation. it is like if somebody was trying to parallel park, and instead of oh, hey, wait a minute, you sort of messed up, your tire is on the curb, this is a guy parallel parking and all of a sudden the car is upside down, something else has to explain it. you don't make an error this big without some explaining. >> over the last two years since president obama has taken office, the federal government has added 200,000 new federal jobs. and if some of those jobs are lost in this, so be it. we're broke. it is time for us to get serious about how we're spending the nation's money. >> do you have an estimate on how many will and won't that impact the economy? >> i do not. >> why would i even care. why bother counting. some people are going to lose their jobs. what do i care.
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that's going to have a bad affect on the economy? the woman standing behind him going that's right, john. how can you have a top job in washington saying you don't care if what you're doing is killing jobs. unemployment rate is 9%. we would be delighted to make it worse? our actions will put more americans out of work in this economy, awesome, we're all for it? come on. you don't accidentally let something like that slip. where is he coming from, what is he talking about? >> the federal government has added 200,000 new federal jobs. and if some of those jobs are lost in this, so be it. >> a, that's not true. but b, i think we're getting at something with the emphasis he's putting on federal jobs. federal jobs. public jobs. see, those are the jobs he's okay with killing. those aren't real jobs. people that work for government don't have real jobs. public jobs are bad jobs. republicans are against those kinds of jobs.
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they want those jobs to go away. if you are not part of the conservative movement, if you're not in on the way they talk to each other in their media, this probably makes no sense. republicans declaring that teachers, cops, firefighters, toll takers, nurses, people that work at the highway department, if you're employed at any of those jobs, your job is not a real job. in fact, your having that job is bad for the country and the country would be better off if you were unemployed. public employees are an enemy of america. the only way america gets stronger is if public employees are broken. that's the message. if you work taking tolls on a bridge somewhere, you are the problem. if you teach school, you are the problem. they have been talking amongst themselves this way in conservative media and conservative politics for a long time, but now it is crossing over, and if you just take it at face value, it seems like a big political mistake, but there's a whole lot of republicans standing behind john boehner going that's right, we hate those jobs.
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it has become mainstream centrist republican policy. mainstream centrist republican point, even in pun dan tree to congratulate any republican politician who declares war on people that work in the public sector. chris christie, governor of new jersey was in washington test driving a presidential run. the basis of his popularity among republicans is how hard a line he is taking against teachers and cops and anybody who works for any level of government. chris christie's office created a youtube channel that largely features clips of him confronting and yelling at people who are evil enough to work for the state, or clips of him discussing ways he's going to take things that people that work in the public sector negotiated for, how he's going to take those things away. one of the ways tim pawlenty tried to run his little engine that could, talking about people that work for the state as if they are murderous prisoners coming after you in the prison
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yard. he said the public employee unions would stick a shiv in all of us if they could. a shiv? those are the kinds of things republican politicians say now if they're ambitious, want to make themselves more popular. that's how scott walker from wisconsin is trying to make his mark. friday, governor walker announced suddenly he was refusing to negotiate with anybody that worked for the state. no negotiations. instead, he would direct the republican controlled legislature to pass by fiat this week his budget that goes after the bargaining rights of people that work for the state. not only would he not negotiate with them, he would never negotiate with them again. he would remove their right to collectively bargain. shocked at how fast he is trying to jam it through, they are not
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letting it go down. 30,000 people protested in madison today. 30,000. double the number of people that turned out yesterday. the protests we've been covering in bahrain today? the turnout seemed to equal the turnout in bahrain's capitol city. everybody wonders if that uprising will overthrow that government. we have 30,000 people in madison, wisconsin. ap describing the protest as larger and more sustained than any in madison in decades. the floor of the rotunda was filled with sleeping bags because demonstrators wouldn't go home. a public hearing to take public testimony on what the governor is trying to do in wisconsin was in hour 17 when republican lawmakers tried to end it. they decided they had heard enough. that was at 3:00 in the morning. democrats kept the hearing going, taking a short break only at 8:30 a.m. to move to another room, then they started the hearing up again. the state's second largest school district in madison today
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had no school, because teachers and staff called in sick and went to the state capitol to protest. because of organizing by people who cash paychecks rather than sign paychecks, because of organizing by employees, by people that work for the company, not the people that own the company, that's how we got laws against child labor in this country. that's how we got a minimum wage. that's how we got the 40-hour work week, and weekends. you like those? that's why we have sick days. that's why there is such a thing as overtime. these things were all hard fought by the labor movement. their insistence over generations that working full time in america should earn you a living. should get you out of poverty. that over time is what created the american middle class, and you can't understand today's modern politics. stuff seems like inexplicable mistakes by the speaker of the house. you can't understand today's politics without understanding republicans and the conservative
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movement are against the thing that made it possible for america to have a middle class. >> there is chaos all around the globe, pockets of instability. it is caused by unions. >> public employee unions are not going to be able to have the same ridiculous benefits they have had in the past. >> teachers battling cuts. they say they're fighting for the kids. >> maybe it is time they get out of the train business and find something else like paying off some of our debt as a solution here instead of their teacher union, labor union friends all the time. >> unionizing the tsa, while potentially disastrous for the country, is going to be great for the unions. you see, you pay the screener, they pay the union. i wonder how much of that money will be spent in america and how much will be spent overseas organizing revolutions. >> up next in the union watch, we give out our very first
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follow the money gipper award to the governor of wisconsin. >> call out the national guard, the unions were the latest plan. >> if you do not consume this stuff from right wing media regularly, it may be a surprise to hear it, but it is sort of the only way to understand why the newest crop of ambitious republican leaders are trying to advance themselves and their own careers by kicking teachers and toll takers and firefighters and cops, kicking them in the teeth, whenever they have the opportunity. wisconsin public employees show us that they are very capable of standing up for themselves. that's why we've seen incredible scenes in madison the past few days. but who is standing up for them? who stands up for them? the right is unified against them. do we want to go back to the era of no child labor laws, no weekends? do we want to do that as a country? who stands with them, who stands with these folks when they are attacked like this? kids do, it turns out. this is footage of students from
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memorial high with students from eed madison high school and middleton high school, all took off from school and went to the state capitol to support their teachers. here are the firefighters of wisconsin, supporting the other public workers who are getting kicked in the teeth today in wisconsin. why is it important that the firefighters are out there? because the only three unions that supported the republican governor of wisconsin in the last election were the firefighters and the cops and the state troopers, okay? miraculously, those are the only three unions that governor scott walker is not stripping of their rights. so even as this governor tries to divide and conquer certain sectors, they are standing together. what about the democratic party? is the democratic party taking the other side of this? the democratic party last month decided they are doing next year's democratic national convention in charlotte, a city without union hotels. democrats campaigned in 2008
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saying they would prioritize card check. democrats dropped that off the agenda in washington. if you go back to eisenhower era republican party, they weren't against unions. republican party platform of 1956. quote, the protection of the right of workers to organize into unions and to bargain collectively is the firm and permanent policy of the eisenhower administration. republican party was not always hostile to people that work for a living. over time, conservative movement pushed the republican party into becoming anti-union. that's why ronald reagan breaking the air traffic controllers union was the shot heard around the world. that was the roar of conservative movement politics becoming republican politics. since then, though, they've got the republicans 100% on board, waging self-righteous war on unions, self-righteous war on the people that cash paychecks instead of those that sign them. where is the counter balance to that? where is the liberal movement in the united states pulling the
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democrats to take the other side of this fight, now that the conservatives are unified against working people in this way? where is the liberal movement to take the other side of this and stand up for people that work for a living. you look at these people in wisconsin today. who's got their back? rust fine gold was a wisconsin senator for 18 years, formed an organization to try to change imbalance of corporate power in american politics. he joins us next. ( laughter ) all: yeah-hh. ( cheering, laughter ) all: no-oo. no-oo. ( screaming ) dirty water is bad water. isn't that right? announcer: healthcare that goes everywhere. together, we are the human network. cisco.
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we've been trying to book russ feingold as a guest on the show for years, literally years. tonight with the capitol city of wisconsin erupting in the biggest protests seen there in decades, he joins us for an interview next. ho meowners , rates have been going up,
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joining us now for the interview, democratic senator from wisconsin, russ feingold. he is today launching progressives united, a grass roots political action committee. thank you for being with us. i appreciate it. >> good to be on the show again. >> i want to talk to you about progressives united, but i have to get reaction to what we are seeing in madison, dramatic protests. >> let me just say how proud i am of the people of wisconsin for reacting to this outrageous proposal from governor walker. rachel, it is not like the people in wisconsin are in a foul mood. the packers just won the super bowl, the badgers beat the number one ohio state basketball team and it is 50 or 60 degrees warmer than last week. it is not like people are looking for something to be upset about. but when you stick it in the eye of a badger and try to take away
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the rights of workers throughout the state, they react, and this is a tremendous, inspiring reaction that shows that we are ready to take the fight against those that want to destroy the rights of working people in our state. >> the governor's line is this is about balancing the budget. some of what he is proposing has no budget implication whatsoever. it is about dismantling unions for people that work for the state. d dismantling the idea that workers can negotiate. why the difference between what he wants to do and what he is proposing? >> the argument this is about the budget process is phonier than a $3 bill. i served for ten years in wisconsin state senate, and it is a very methodical process that goes on for several months. they figure it out usually by july, and they have a budget. what he did last week was say basically on thursday or friday i want to take away all the
9:20 pm
rights of collective bargaining from people and want it done in the next five or six days. this is just a direct attack, driven by corporate interests and the state to bust the unions, and that's what the agenda is. it is really not about the state budget. that's simply phoney. >> is the other political party in this country, is the democratic party taking the other side in that fight? republican politics have become very whom o.j. news on the issue in the way they weren't a generation ago. very anti-employee, pro-business, anti-union. are democrats taking the other side of that fight? >> in our state we are. the democratic party here and the unions both public and private are unified. the folks that are in that capitol are students, teachers, public employees, and private employees, firefighters came. even though as you pointed out, they are trying to divide and conquer between public employees
9:21 pm
and divide people within the public employees. it is not going to work. we in wisconsin are going to stand up for the rights you talked about. you listed things like child labor laws, minimum wage and other ideas that came through the labor movement. much of that, most of that, came from wisconsin originally. this is a proud tradition. and we are not going to let governor walker acting as a shill for the corporations destroy the rights of working people. >> you formed a grass roots political action committee, progressives united. i know some of the inspiration for forming this group has to do with corporate power in politics. what's the overall aim, and why try to do it through a pac, why is that the right vehicle for you now? >> progressives united obviously is a play on the fact that citizens united, the decision that helped destroy our campaign finance laws in our condition, was not really something for citizens, it was for corporations. the citizens united decision of the united states supreme court basically turned on the spig et
9:22 pm
and said let corporations take whatever money you spend for toothpaste, gasoline, spend it to destroy and control the political process. progressives united is people all over the state of wisconsin and all over the country coming together to fight for the rights of individuals in the political process and to not allow corporations to have those exact same rights. so we're going to fight this decision. we're going to try to overturn the decision. we're going to try to support candidates that fight the implications of it, from the oil companies to the financial benefits that have been given to wall street. but we're also going to fight the kind of things governor walker is trying to do. these corporations seem to believe that this last election was a ticket for them to go after the rights of working people all over this country, and they're trying to do it in wisconsin as a model. our organization will fight all of these efforts, and it is going to be a grass roots organization. is getting 10,000 new signups today alone on the first day.
9:23 pm
there's a hunger out there, rachel, for opposition to what's going on, and we want to help be part of that effort. >> when you look at the effect of citizens united, one of the ways people shorthand the impact of that decision is saying it undid the mccain feingold financing, campaign finance reform. clearly it's law that is dramatic reversal from what had previously been law of the land. but do you think it structurally changes american politics in a way that is irreversible and that will have a dramatic effect on politics if not overturned? how do you see it changing the way we do politics? >> it is irreversible and it is ironic. the one thing that still stands is mccain feingold. ban on soft money, corporations and others giving huge contribution directly to political parties. that law stands. what the supreme court did was something far more devastating. it took away the fundamental
9:24 pm
laws going back to tillman act that banned certain corporate activities in politics, all the way through decisions for almost 100 years. gutted the laws that were the foundation for making sure corporate treasuries couldn't dominate the political process. that was something that was done to counter effects of what was known as the gilded age. this creates a gilded age on steroids, and it is fundamentally changing the political process. we have to reverse the decision. we only need one vote on the supreme court to change to make that happen, and that's one of the things we hope happens in the next few years. >> mr. feingold, let me ask one last question about progressives united. if people join the group, what should they expect. is this a membership organization, is this a meet up, move on style, get out, meet fellow progressives and demonstrate organization? what are you going to use in terms of tactics? >> all of the above. obviously, we will try to support candidates directly
9:25 pm
committed to progressive principles, try to urge people in office now to do things like support disclose act, try to make sure information about the contributions come out. but we're going to do far more than that. we're going to make sure we use the internet and all the mechanisms available now that didn't used to be available to make sure people organize, sign petitions, do whatever people have been doing on other issues, but do it in a coordinated way with many other groups that are interested in this issue. we're already talking with them. we need to be unified, regardless of political views, regardless of your particular issue that you're most interested in. this issue, the issue of corporate domination of politics, is one that overrides everything, and we need to come together. our organization is going to help make that happen. >> russ feingold, thank you very much for joining us for the interview tonight. i really appreciate it. i hope you'll come back and join us again. >> i will. thanks so much, rachel. >> thank you. there is dramatic news breaking at this hour, which is an unlikely hour if you consider the time change. it is breaking this hour in the
9:26 pm
middle east. after tunesia went, after egypt went, we're getting in some dramatic scenes that are just happening right now, and these scenes of footage we are getting and descriptions we are getting out of one particular country in the middle east is giving an idea what country might be next after tunesia and egypt. details next. stay tuned. i like it. i do too. ♪ even if i'm poor ♪ i ain't chasing nothing ♪ you're gonna have to catch me ♪ ♪ and if you want to dance ♪ you're gonna have to pay a fee ♪ ♪ i'm the bomb and about to blow up ♪ ♪ yeah, i'm the bomb ♪ and about to blow up ♪ yeah ♪ whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪ whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪ everybody, sing it now ♪ whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪ whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪ everybody, sing it now i'm not just someone who's quitting with chantix and support... our kids go to school together. -we work together. -i'm in your cooking class. we play ball together. [ male announcer ] chantix is a non-nicotine pill proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke.
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you may know this already about msnbc, but if you don't, i want you to know. they do not tell us what to say on the air.
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don't give editorial restrictions beyond the company's news standards, and don't make us promote each other's hours and projects if we don't editorially want to, so this is from me and not because anybody told me to say it, all right? if you have not watched ed schultz's show, haven't gotten used to him coming on after this show or whatever, you should watch his show tonight on the insanity going on in wisconsin right now. there is nobody doing a better job covering that story, myself included with an x clam agency point. ed is at the heart of it. from me to you, you should watch it. thank you. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] if you have type 2 diabetes,
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logistics? think--ben is new markets. ben is global access-- china and beyond. ben is a smarter supply chain. ben is higher margins. happier customers... everybody wins. logistics. exactly. see you guys tomorrow. it is one thing to try to stop journalists from reporting what is going on. that doesn't mean news doesn't spread, but reporters can be thwarted by authoritarian governments trying hard to do it. that's one thing. it is quite another thing for governments to just makeup what's going on out of whole cloth. iran's government is claiming a student killed during monday's huge protests in their country was not a protester at all, he was working for the government, and he was therefore killed by those evil protesters. family and friends of the
9:34 pm
student killed tell numerous news sources not only was the young man not part of government militia as the government claimed, but the young man worked to elect an opposition leader two years ago. the guardian newspaper of britain reports that government authorities staged the young man's funeral, and would not allow his family to attend. instead, according to witnesses, hundreds of militia men were brought in to join the funeral where they clashed with students and opposition protesters there for their own reasons. the iranian regime plans for its own pro-government and anti-opposition protest this friday. they are making it up. in the arab world today, a day ahead of planned day of rage protests, 38 people were reportedly injured. authorities used tear gas and water canons against libyan protesters. the president of yemen claimed people with foreign agendas
9:35 pm
for -- blamed people for protests. he sent 2,000 government loy alyces into his capital city to quell protests there, by which of course he means beat people up. then there's iraq, where john mccain assured americans there would be no protests because we invaded or something. today, another day of intense protests in iraq. protesters peaceably gathered outside the provengs governor's office, but when guards opened fire on the protesters and killed three people, the remaining protesters decided heck with this, and stormed the governor's office, set the building on fire, and forced the governor to flee for his own safety out the back door. in bahrain, this is the big news tonight. as thousands of people slept in pearl square in the capital city of bahrain, preparing for a fourth day of protests there, hundreds of police swept in hours ago at 3:00 in the
9:36 pm
morning. reports of police using tear gas were trying to clear the square. opposition says one protester was killed tonight. that would bring total death toll in bahrain to three. just as in egypt, security forces are not only turning against the protesters but are turning against the media. here is extraordinary audio that surfaced of the moment within the last few hours when an abc news reporter was beaten by bahrain police covering what is happening in pearl square. listen. >> no, no, no. journalist, journalist. i'm going. >> i just got beat, rather badly by a gang of thugs. i am now in a marketplace near the hotel where people are cowering in buildings. these people are not screwing around. they are going to clear that
9:37 pm
square tonight ahead of any protests friday. the government clearly doesn't want this to get any bigger. >> that is footage from bahrain tonight within just the last couple hours. police moving in on protesters, among them, women and children who were sleeping in the main square in the capital city. this footage from bahrain. this is still going on. we will stay with it. your cat can enjoy the delicious, satisfying taste of gourmet gravy every day. fancy feast, the best ingredient is love.
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♪ but you can still refinance to a fixed rate as low as 4.5% at, where customers save an average of $293 a month. call lendingtree today. big oil, big bird. big oil? big bird. which would you fund? "the new york times" columnist gail collins joins us next.
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anybody else watching cspan at about 11:30 eastern this morning? i was. and i was richly rewarded for doing so. oh, yes. that's not a new member of congress, this is not something we popped in and photo shopped. this is arthur the aardvark, who you may know by his slogan, the world's most famous aardvark. a couple of things to note about the picture. first of all, i love the bow tie as much as the next guy. i was friends with tucker carlson when he wore that on tv, i love it. but a note to congressmen. if you are going to appear at a press conference alongside a cartoon aardvark, do not wear the bow tie to the press conference. you may find yourself getting packed up with the props at the end of the day. that is congressman early blum enour, good congressman from oregon. this is democratic congressman ed markey from massachusetts. also standing alongside a better
9:42 pm
view of mr. aardvark. mr. markey is holding a tiny version of big bird, which is weird because his name is big and there he is very small. smaller than that, the tiny little grover on the other side of the podium. and further to the side of the screen, getting kud else from a congressman, elmo. why does it seem like this, they are holding characters from tv shows, why does it seem so familiar? this is what democrats do every time republicans take over the house. this looks familiar to you, it is because you remember this from 1995. this is one of the all-time great clips from congress ever on any subject ever. >> don't kill big bird. don't kill big bird by voting for mean spirited republican budget cuts on public broadcasting.
9:43 pm
don't kill big bird because millions of american children, including my own three children have grown up on big bird and sesame street and mr. rogers and public broadcasting. don't kill big bird because public broadcasting works. public broadcasting is good for the american taxpayer, and good for the american people. >> democratic congressman elliott ingell from new york. the reason they are showing up at events is not because republicans found killing big bird as a solution to the nation's fiscal problems, it is because getting rid of the corporation for public broadcasting is something that the republican party likes the idea of intrinsically. they do not want there to be public broadcasting, npr, sesame street, they hate it, don't want it to exist. they think it is a secret plot to turn your child gay or something. getting rid of it is a priority.
9:44 pm
>> if public television didn't exist, we now would be trying to invent it. republicans have tilted the fiscal scales in favor of big oil at the expense of big bird. they don't want to cut out the $43 billion in tax breaks for the oil industry, but at the same time they want to cut the budget for children's television programming in our country. >> republicans choose tax breaks for big oil over big bird. to be fair, there is some disagreement among democrats on the big oil issue. president obama wants to cut $46 billion in taxpayer subsidies for the oil industry over ten years. house democrats want to cut half that much over five years. house republicans on the other hand want to keep all $40 billion of subsidies for the oil industry. 40 billion taxpayer dollars to be paid to the oil industry. come on, they're a needy cause.
9:45 pm
ladies and gentlemen, i present to you the world's most profitable companies of the year 2008. drum roll. number five, bp. number four, chevron. number three, shell. number two, a russian oil company. and number one, exxon mobile. these are the most profitable companies on earth in 2008. do you notice anything similar about them? in 2009, the next year, oil companies had a hard year. 2009, exxon only made $19 billion in profit that year. gas prom had $24 billion in profit in that one year. but the american people need to take care of these people. cops and firefighters, i'm sorry. exxon needs that taxpayer money. look at poor bp. poor bp only made $16 thousand, million in profit in 2009. sounds better than 16 billion somehow. budget time is a fun time of
9:46 pm
year. it is fun to divine on people's priorities and what they want to cut. you want to give money to exxon and not sesame street, good to know. here is something nobody is talking about that i find legitimately radical about what republicans say they want to do. republicans say they're all concerned about the deficit. it is the difference between the money the government puts out and the money the government takes in. how does the government take in money? there's an up for that. called taxes. horrible word. but it is how the government takes in money. that's part of the deficit calculation. but republicans proposed crippling our ability to take in the money. spending cuts $593 million from tax collection. you know, from keeping people from cheating on their taxes. they want to make it $600 million worth of enforcement easier to cheat on your taxes. this is not about what the tax rate should be.
9:47 pm
this is not about whether or not -- this is not about whether or not you should pay taxes on something or not. this is about whether or not if you do owe taxes you really have to pay them. if you care about the deficit, don't you want to ensure the money we get to pay for things that we're legally entitled to get we actually get? do we not all concede any more that people that owe taxes should actually have to pay the taxes that they owe? joining us now, "the new york times" columnist gail kol i believe so. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> is cheating on taxes patriotic and i didn't get the memo? $600 million out of tax enforcement, that's amazing. >> they don't like taxes, but also they don't like government rules, so anything -- i think that the fcc gets whacked in the budget.
9:48 pm
they seem to like firefighters. >> cops got back money today. they don't like rules. >> why mr. bird? why does the public broadcasting stuff -- his feet are dirty. he has been walking around the studio. why does public broadcasting get put first on the block? >> because it is public and it is broadcasting and they've always thought it was a liberal thing, and plus it is long and public and broadcasting. they never liked it, always get rid of it, but it always comes back, that's the good news. >> because of that, it did look like 1995. there was one silver lining on spending in washington. the f-35 alternate engine, full disclosure made in part by ge, finally got unfunded in the
9:49 pm
house today, even though the house republican leadership said they wanted it even if the military didn't. how significant is that? >> it is nice. right now, it is hard to have earmarks, and it is difficult to get those little special things and to plead for them. i would be interested to see what happens when the agriculture subsidies get argued about more, stuff like that that's bigger and larger. i think it is nice. it is sort of pathetic to me that barack obama's efforts to cut back on the defense industry is completely down to those two as far as i can tell. one jet plane about two years ago they got rid of that nobody wanted for 100 years, now the double engines for the one plane that's going to be gone. that's it, though. that's sort of the big cheese. >> and it is being hard fought. >> a plane with two engines and took forever to get it done. >> is there a style spending
9:50 pm
revolt on the $40 billion that we pay the most profitable industry on earth, any chance of a spending revolt on the oil subsidies? >> it would be nice to think so. i don't think so at all. >> nobody ever accuses me of being too optimistic. really think it can't happen? >> that would be so nice, rachel, what a lovely thought. never occurred to me that might that might happen. they want to have less taxes, not more taxes. so anything that gets a subsidy in taxes is good, to the republicans. because it's less taxes. plus it's the oil industry. >> it is -- i mean, to be clear, though, this is the most profitable industry the earth has ever known. there have never been quarterly profits as high in recorded human history as there are for exxon mobil. >> the little bitty teeny-weeny companies that only make a quadrilion dollars, you know, they need help, they need friends like the birth. they're all the same.
9:51 pm
they're needy. they work hard. they drill things. they extract. >> the mom and pop companies. when you look at what's happening right now with the two parties stating their visions in terms of what we ought to spend money on, is there anything -- is it just 1995 all over again? is there anything that is substantive and new and important in terms of what republicans are putting on the chopping block? >> no, not right now. i don't think. they're pushing harder on the entitlements, i think. and there's actually going to be a discussion of entitlements somewhere along the line, which we really didn't have before. we had one in social security. but this will be the first big kind of medicare discussion, if we really have one. but the republicans ruined the medicare discussion during the health care debate when they kept getting up saying, you're trying to cut back on medicare, you're ruining grandmother, you're destroying us all. and they poisoned the well on the one thing that they now say is the critical thing that we have to talk about above all
9:52 pm
things. >> but see, they just drill new wells. >> they just drill new wells. >> that's why the backyard is unsafe for toddlers. >> that's right, grandma is still with us. >> that's right. new york times columnist gail collins with whom i very much enjoy discussing these maerls. thanks for being here. >> thanks. a vial update on why part of our show is decamping to kansas next week. that's next. oceanographer: diving to 4,000 meters. - boy: go down! down. down. - boy #2: whoa. straight, go straight. no, to the right! kids: to the right! to the right! go to the right! boy: go to the right! - boy #1: whoa! - boy #2: whoa! boy #3: what is that? well, that's a... i don't know. whoa. can we call him blinky? - announcer: expert teaching. - kids: whoa! deeper learning. together, we are the human network. cisco.
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uh, actually, i said i love my bank's raise your rate cd. you spent 8 days lost at sea ? no, uh... you love watching your neighbors watch tv ? at ally, you'll love our raise your rate cd that offers a one-time rate increase if our current rates go up. ally. do you love your bank ? i have a follow-up for a story we've been on this week. it is a follow-up that i have to tell you i'm not all that happy to have the opportunity to tell you about. on monday night's show, we broadcast the first national interview with the kansas doctor who was trying to set up the first medical practice that would provide abortions, in wichita, kansas, since dr. george tiller was murdered there
9:56 pm
by an extremist more than a year and a half ago. the reason nobody is providing abortions in that city is because of murder and because of intimidation. dr. tiller was murdered. he used to provide that service. now this doctor would like to provide that service and is being forced out of the building in which she practices medicine because of anti-abortion protests and because of the promise from the anti-abortion movement that they will physically blockade that office like they did dr. tiller's office up until the day that he was killed. that threat has caused dr. mean's landlord to sue her, sending her out in search of somewhere, anywhere, that will not be intimidated enough to stop her from paying rent to practice medicine there. after our interview with dr. means on monday night, i'm sorry to say that she last night had protesters show up at her house. this is a form of intimidation that's been used over and over again by the radical edge of the anti-abortion movement. dr. means' house is outside of
9:57 pm
wichita. no offense to suburban southcentral kansas, but it is really out in the middle of nowhere. these protesters were not in a high traffic area, they were in a very low traffic suburb, the whole suburb is only home to about 2,000 people, so it's not like they were out there to get a message out to passersby. the protesters didn't announce their plans to the media, or get cameras there or people around that they could persuade to their point of view. converging on the home of a doctor who is trying to become the first abortion provider in wichita since the last one was murdered, it is not the sort of thing you do because you're trying to persuade people. persuade other people that you're right about abortion. it is the sort of thing that you do that you're trying to intimidate one person, dr. means. they are intimidating their audience of one. where did the protesters get dr. means' address? it was on operation rescue's
9:58 pm
website. after we called the president of operation rescue today, he said he would take it right down. he did do that. that comment with the address of dr. means was removed from operation rescue's website today. it had been up since the 3rd of february. one of our producers also drew the short straw today and got one of the protest leaders who showed up at the doctor's house last night to talk to her on the phone today. and he gave us this statement. quote, abortionist milea means' address is part of public record and is well known by pro-life organizations. she is killing babies right now in kansas city, and plans to kill in wichita. we will notify her neighbors and all who do business with her. then he gave us his name. which i'm happy to tell you, his name is rob rotola. his statement came from the e-mail address of the man who has been e-mailing out these posters about dr. means. these posters that call her an unspeakable, horrific murderer, who takes blood money for being
9:59 pm
a mass murderer for killing children. so, yeah, that's whose e-mail address we got the statement from today about how he plans to stake out dr. means' house, and notify all of her neighbors that she is a murderer. on paper, if you are an american woman, you have the right to get an abortion if you think you need one. in reality, in many places, you do not really have that right. and you really do not have that right because of violence and intimidation. and that supposedly is not the way that you get your way in america. the reason that as far as we know abortion services are not available in southcentral kansas right now is because of the murder of the previous provider, and because of the intimidation of anybody who might dare to replace him. we'll go to kansas next week to stay on this story. i continue to salute the people who not only want to take over this mantle from the provider who was killed, but who are willing to make known who they are publicly, given the


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